Enterprise-wide hardware, software, and systems that provide core technologies for institutional activities. Includes shared infrastructure services that connect computing devices and information through the campus' networks, manage user and device identity and access through authentication and directory services. Also includes data center, cloud services, application hosting, and technical administration.

Available To: Faculty, Staff

Categories (4)

API Management

Request a modification, enhancement, or new API functionality.

Application Integration

Integrate an on-premises or hosted application with the college's single-sign-on authentication system (via CAS, OAuth, SAML or Shibboleth), or connect an application to the central web service infrastructure.

Database Infrastructure

Hosting, provisioning, and administration of MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle, Postgres, SQL Server and other databases.

Server Infrastructure

Provisioning, hosting, and administration of physical servers and virtual machines (VMs).

Services (2)

Report an Infrastructure Problem

Report a problem with an application, database, server, or software infrastructure component

Request Infrastructure

Request the creation/installation, reconfiguration, or general assistance for a new application, database, server, or software infrastructure component.