Email and Collaboration Tools

Support for Office365, GSuite, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Slack etc.

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Collaboration and File Storage

Use this service to request help or report a problem for Dropbox, Slack, GSuite/Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Office365 (Teams, SharePoint), Slack, OurFiles etc
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-- Backup & Storage -
-- Dropbox -
-- Slack -
-- GSuite/Google Drive -
-- Microsoft OneDrive -
-- OurFiles -

E-Mail and Calendaring

Services associated with e-mail, calendaring, contacts, broadcast mail, enterprise-wide mailing list management, and messaging.

Media Production

Services associated with the production of video.


Broadcast services. Xfinity on Campus Service

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I need help with Panopto

Submit this Service Request if you need help accessing Panopto, or if you need assistance with using Panopto functionality.

Zoom Webinar License Request

Zoom Webinar is used for web-based meetings with view-only attendees (not interactive) with queued Q&A submissions. Dartmouth has a variety of webinar sizes (attendees) available: 500, *1,000, *3,000, *5,000. (*Very limited quantities).
For more about Zoom Webinars and Large Meetings:

Technology for Business Meetings and Campus Events

ITC, Classroom Technology Services (Class Tech) offer self-serve and staff assisted technology services for business meetings and campus events.