Zoom Webinars and Large Meetings

This article provides instructions for obtaining a Zoom webinar license, and webinar and large meeting capabilities available to Dartmouth users.

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What’s the difference between a meeting and a webinar?

  • Meetings are designed to be collaborative events with all participants being able to screen share, turn on their video and audio, and see who else is in attendance.  Participant interaction is more limited in webinars than in meetings. Webinar attendees can participate in a Q& A session by submitting questions through the webinar Q&A feature. Webinars are intended for larger groups.  They are designed so that the host and any designated panelists can share their video, audio and screen while attendees are in view only.
  • For a comparison of these options see: Meeting and Webinar Comparison

What webinar and meeting options are available to Dartmouth users?

  • In addition to standard meetings, Dartmouth has the Zoom webinar feature available in limited quantities. There are a variety of webinar sizes (attendees) available to Dartmouth users: 100, 500, *1,000, *3,000, *5,000, *10,000. (*Very limited quantities)
  • Meeting and Webinar Best Practices and Resources

How do I request a webinar license?

  • Click here to request a webinar license. Please provide several days’ advance notice whenever possible.

How long do I get to keep a webinar license? 

  • Zoom webinars are a shared resource within the Dartmouth Zoom enterprise. A webinar license may be reclaimed by the ITC Service Desk and applied to another user account if/when necessary. If a webinar license needs to be reclaimed, the current user will be notified in advance. A webinar will not be removed if it is scheduled for upcoming use. A user that has a ebwinar removed from their account can obtain another webinar license by submitting a new request to the Service Desk.

What's the difference between a co-host and a panelist in a webinar?

  • Webinars allow you go designate co-hosts and panelists to help you manage your webinar content and audience.  The panelist designation is best when you have guest speakers joining your webinar since it allows them to use their audio, video, share content, and annotate.  Panelists can also help manage and respond to Q&A and chat. The co-host designation is best used as a precaution, especially during large events. If for some reason the hosts drops off the webinar (ie. their internet goes down), the co-host can do everything a host and panelist can do except edit polls and end the webinar. For more information about full panelist and co-host controls, see:
  • Roles in a webinar

Does Dartmouth have support for the Live Stream services? 

Does Dartmouth have the large meeting add-on feature? 

  • Yes. Dartmouth has a limited quantity of the Large Meeting 500 available.  Dartmouth Pro account holders can request this feature by contacting help@dartmouth.edu.  Maximum capacity for the Large Meeting 500 add on feature is 500 people.

Does Dartmouth have the Pro, Business or Enterprise level license?

  • Dartmouth has the Pro license for Education.


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