Stata Windows


Stata is campus-licensed statistical software. Stata SE is available for download at Dartmouth - Stata 15 for Windows and Mac OS X machines. See Stata for Windows or Stata for Macintosh for download links and instructions.

Windows in Stata

When Stata is launched, there are several windows that can be used while working with the program:

  • Command - provides an input area for entering Stata command statements.
  • Results - shows the commands entered along with their results. (If "more" appears at the bottom, press Enter to continue scrolling the results or ‘q' to quit.)
  • Review - displays a history of the most recent commands entered. Highlighting a command here will make it appear in the Command window.
  • Variables - lists the variables contained in the current data set. Only one data set at a time can be current in Stata. Highlighting a variable in this window will make it appear in the Command window.
  • Data Editor - displays the current data set in spreadsheet format. The data editor can also be used when cutting and pasting data to and from other spreadsheet applications like Excel.
  • Graph - displays the results of graphics associated command statements.


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