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Slack Guidebooks

Start with these guidebooks to learn about Slack and how to use it. Find the specific guidebook for you, whether you're a student, professor, or staff member.

Slack User Training

Get started with Slack or if you already know Slack, here are articles to help you learn more about this tool.

Slack Admin Training

Training for org owners, workspace owners, and workspace admins for management of workspaces and channels on The Dartmouth Enterprise Grid.

Slack Migration Information

Slack workspace migrations will take place throughout winter/spring 2020.
Submit a Migration Request form: https://services.dartmouth.edu/TDClient/1806/Po...

Articles (10)

Pinned Article 1- Slack Landing Page

What is Slack for, who should use it, and why

Pinned Article 2 - Slack Quick Reference Guide and Best Practices

Learn Basic Terminology and Etiquette for Slack

Pinned Article 3 - Slack Learning Resources, How-To's, Guidebooks

Frequently Asked Questions about Slack

Pinned Article 4 - Requesting Access to a Workspace or Joining Slack for the First Time

Follow these simple guidelines when requesting access to a workspace in Slack, joining Slack for the first time, or inviting someone to Slack.

Pinned Article 5 - Creating a Slack Workspace for your course from Canvas

Instructors can create a Slack workspace for each course through Canvas, after which students can join.

Pinned Article How to Accept Your Invitation to Slack

Welcome to Slack @ Dartmouth! In this article, you'll find an example of the process to accept your Slack invitation and successfully log in to your Slack account.

Dartmouth College Slack Terms of Service

Slack @ Dartmouth is meant to facilitate teaching, learning, working, cross-campus community building, and topics of general interest to the Dartmouth community.

Dartmouth Slack Enterprise Grid Organizational Settings

This table represents organization-wide settings in The Dartmouth Slack Enterprise Grid that may affect your work, permissions, and access.

Submit Service Requests or Report Problems About Slack

Have a question or problem about Slack? Follow the links to submit your request.