Creating a Slack Workspace for your course from Canvas

Instructors can create a Slack workspace through Canvas, after which students can join the workspace.

Instructions for Instructors to Create a Slack Workspace in Canvas

  1. Uncover the Slack menu item on your course menu:
    • Click Settings
    • Click the Navigation tab
    • Drag the Slack menu item to the top section
    • Click SaveSlack Menu Item in Course Navigation
  2. Click the Slack menu item.
  3. Click the purple Create Workspace button.Create workspace button on Slack menu item
  4. Select either the Slack Desktop or Web Application to launch your Slack Workspace.
  5. Only users that are members of the Canvas course can be members of the Slack workspace. Make sure to add anyone that needs access to the Slack workspace to the Canvas course first. They can then follow the steps below to join the workspace.

Instructions for course members (students, TA's, etc.) to join the Slack Workspace once it has been created

  1. Click the Slack menu item in your Canvas course site.
  2. Click Join WorkspaceStudent Join Workspace button
  3. Select either the Slack Desktop or Web Application to launch your Slack Workspace. Canvas screen for launching slack

Possible Errors

  1. If you have not accepted the invitation to the Slack Enterprise Grid, you will see a message that reads Unavailable. Check your email for your Dartmouth Slack Enterprise Grid invitation, try logging into for the first time to make sure you claim your Slack account. If you're still unsuccessful, contact ITC with any questions.
    Slack error Unavailable
  2. If there is not a Slack menu item present on your course menu, contact the course instructor with the instructions above.
  3. If you see the message "A workspace has not yet been created", contact the course instructor with the instructions above.

How do I submit a support ticket about the Canvas Slack integration?

If you are experiencing an issue with your Canvas Slack integration and need to report a problem, then click HERE to submit a support ticket.



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