What to Expect During a Slack Workspace Migration

What Gets Migrated?

  • Direct messages
  • Files
  • Custom emojis
  • App integrations
  • Custom profile data (paid workspaces)
  • Shared channels (paid workspaces)

How the migration works

  1. Prepare for the migration with your members.
    • Use @channel communication in the #general channel to give a heads up to members that a move to the Dartmouth Grid will be happening.
    • Work with the Dartmouth members of your workspace to update their Slack account to use their primary Dartmouth email (firstname.m.lastname@dartmouth.edu).
  2. Fill out a Slack Migration Request form here.
  3. We will contact you to schedule the migration.
  4. Use @channel communication in the #general channel to let members know that the migration will take place on the scheduled date.
  5. Slackbot will notify you when the migration begins and ends. Most migrations will generally take 15 minutes to an hour.
  6. ITC will work with you to perform a smoke test post-migration to ensure that the it has completed successfully.
  7. Such post migration adjustments may be needed after migration:
    • We may need to work with you to manage the migration of guest accounts.
    • We may work with you to move channels into a departmental workspace as needed. This is a best practice recommended by Slack.
  8. Use the Slack Report an Issue service to contact ITC with any post-migration issues.  Need help with Slack? Submit a Service Request ticket.


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