Dartmouth College Slack Terms of Service

Slack Usage Guidelines for the Dartmouth Community

Dartmouth has contracted with Slack to offer current Dartmouth students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to communicate and collaborate with each other, and with vendors and colleagues at outside businesses and institutions. Slack @ Dartmouth is meant to facilitate teaching, learning, working, cross-campus community building, and topics of general interest to the Dartmouth community. 

The guidelines below, in addition to Dartmouth’s Acceptable Use Policy and Slack’s Terms of Service, govern the appropriate use of Slack.

At Dartmouth, we are responsible for our conduct in the use of information and technology resources and demonstrate appropriate consideration for the viewpoints and rights of others. As members of a diverse community that embraces inclusion and free and open discourse, we respect the safety, security, privacy, reputational, personal, and intellectual property rights of ourselves, others and of Dartmouth College. 

For more information on Slack’s Privacy Policy and compliance with other applicable data privacy requirements, visit slack.com/legal.

IMPORTANT: Sensitive or confidential information should not be discussed, uploaded to, or shared in Slack. This includes birthdates, birthplaces, Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, and other non-public or sensitive information about an identifiable individual.


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