Getting Started in Slack @ Dartmouth

Welcome to Slack @ Dartmouth! Below you'll find an example of the process to successfully log in to your Slack account. By default, if you are not being invited to Slack via a course workspace, you will join the Dartmouth College Community (or your group/community) workspace where you can communicate with other members of the Dartmouth Community on Slack.

Table of Contents

Step 1: Login to the Dartmouth Slack Website

  • Access your Dartmouth Slack account by logging in via 
  • In order to log in to Slack, you'll need to authenticate through Duo as you do with other Dartmouth platforms. Use your netId and password designated for Duo to complete this part of the process.

Step 2: Read and Accept Dartmouth's Custom Terms of Service for Slack

  • Be sure to read and accept the Custom Terms of Service before the first time you log in to Slack. You can also read these terms separately on our Services Portal here.


Step 3: Launch Slack from the Workspace Directory

  • You're in! To open the Dartmouth College Community workspace in a browser window and get started collaborating in Slack, select "Lauch in Slack". For the best Slack experience, we encourage you to download the desktop and mobile versions here.


Step 4: Download the Slack app to your laptop or mobile device

  • To enjoy a full feature set in Slack, it is recommended you use the Slack app.
  • Once you have the Slack app installed, you can open your workspace directly via the app. See image below for steps.


Troubleshooting - How to Clear your Cache

  • Seeing this error while trying to log in to Slack? It may help to clear your cache, close out of your browser completely, and try logging in again. Click the name of your browser of choice below to visit knowledge base articles on how to clear the cache and cookies of that particular browser.
  • Don't see your browser? It may be because it isn't optimized to use for Slack. Download the desktop or mobile application for access to Slack instead.
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