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Request a sponsored, departmental, organizational or service account

Request an add/move/change for your telephone, activation of a new voicemail account or reset voicemail password.

Submit a request for support if you have been unable to find the service or knowledge you are looking for in the Dartmouth Services Portal

Dartmouth email for students, faculty, and staff

The Computer Assurance Program (CAP) is an ITC program created to replace aging office computers with current, secure, high-performance desktop and laptop computers at a subsidized cost.

Request the creation/installation, reconfiguration, or general assistance for a new application, database, server, or software infrastructure component.

Institutional Reporting and Analysis (OBIEE), Data Warehouse

Submit a ticket for any student and faculty administrative systems issues or requests

Use this form to submit a request for networking services.

Human Resources and Payroll

Report a problem with an application, database, server, or software infrastructure component

Welcome to RaDar, the centralized ordering system for shared resources. Please select the shared resource to view and purchase services and products offered by the resource

Request Access or removal of access to Dartmouth Services that are restricted

Location for storing your files

Finance, Procurement, and PCard

Blitz group mailing list, ListServ List, O365 Group

Submit a ticket for any campus facilities and administrative systems issues or requests

Use this service to enroll in Duo's 2FA.

XFINITY On Campus (XOC) is an IPTV service from Comcast delivered to laptops, tablets and smartphones through the Dartmouth network.

Request OnBase services

Access to Banner Pages and Self-Service

Wireless access from personal and campus owned devices, for faculty, staff, students, and guests.

The Device Assurance Program (DAP) ensures that participating computers (Mac and Windows) are automatically kept up to date and protected against known and emerging security threats, and more easily and quickly serviced. DAP eliminates the hassles and worries associated with sorting through software and security updates and ensures that users taking advantage of the program are always up to date. All Dartmouth-owned computers are eligible for DAP.

Google Teams provides space to store files that are shared with other members of the Dartmouth community and with people outside of Dartmouth.