Accounts and Access

Support for system access, account creation and management including password resets and sponsored accounts.

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Dartmouth Account (NetID)

Services relating to accounts, authentication, access, role-based provisioning, etc.

A Dartmouth NetID is a unique 7 character sequence of letters and numbers that identifies an account. Dartmouth faculty, staff, students automatically have a netid created for them when they are hired or matriculate as a student. Alumni retain the netid they had as a student. There can be only one netid per person so if a person transitions out, then back into the college at a later date, the original netid will be reactivated and used for the account.

New netid's for non-person accounts, or people who do work for the college but are not staff nor students, need to request an account.

Services (2)

Request Access to Student Org Account (COSO / Greek Life)

Authorized individuals may request access to their Dartmouth student organization account

Request/Remove Access

Request Access or removal of access to Dartmouth Services that are restricted