Accounts and Access

Support for system access, account creation and management including password resets and sponsored accounts.

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A Dartmouth NetID is a unique 7 character identifier (for example: F004123) for signing into services with a Dartmouth account.

Dartmouth faculty, staff, students automatically have a NetID created for them when they are hired or matriculate as a student. Alumni retain the NetID they had as a student.

Here you will find services relating to requesting an account, maintaining existing accounts, or getting help with your account.
For more information on Dartmouth NetID, visit:

Services (5)

Bulk Account Changes (Renewals) or Create Multiple New Accounts

Use this service if you need a change made to multiple accounts or need to request multiple accounts created

Expiring Accounts on

Upon leaving Dartmouth, your account on will be scheduled for deletion. This service outlines your options. Required information is marked with a red asterisk (*).

Request Access to Student Org Account (COSO / Greek Life)

Authorized individuals may request access to their Dartmouth student organization account

Renew an expiring Account

Renew a sponsored, departmental, organizational or service account
Request sponsored continuation of account post leaving Dartmouth for actively doing work for the College for a limited time

Request/Remove Access

Request Access or removal of access to Dartmouth Services that are restricted