Services associated with Dartmouth's Slack Enterprise Grid.

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Request a Slack Workspace on the Dartmouth Grid

1) As a Faculty member, you can create your Slack workspace directly from your Canvas course page! Follow instructions here to create your course workspace from Canvas.

2) If you are Faculty and do not have experience with Slack, it is recommended that you use Canvas Discussion Board.  If you have questions about this recommendation, please contact

I need help with the Canvas Slack Integration

Submit this Service Request if you are having trouble creating your Slack workspace from your Canvas course site, or are having technical issues with the Canvas Slack integration.

Slack Migration Request

This service is for the purpose of requesting that a Slack workspace owned by a Dartmouth faculty or staff member be migrated to the Dartmouth Slack Enterprise Grid.

I need to report a problem

Fill out a short form to request help with something that's not working for you. Sign-in required.