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Connect to the Dartmouth network via VPN

Dartmouth Students submit a request for technology help here

NOTE - For the 2020 Spring Term, if you are Faculty and do not have experience with Slack it is recommended that you use Canvas Discussion Board.  If you have questions about this recommendation please contact learning.design.tech@dartmouth.edu.

Use this service to request Zoom Webinar licenses. Zoom Webinar is used for web-based meetings with view-only attendees (not interactive) with queued Q&A submissions. Dartmouth has the Zoom webinar feature available in limited quantities. There are a variety of webinar sizes (attendees) available to Dartmouth users: 100, 500, *1,000, *5,000, *10,000. (*Very limited quantities)

Use this service to request on-campus Zoom training for your department or in your assigned classroom.

Computer upgrade program for tenure track Faculty.

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Request an add/move/change for your telephone, activation of a new voicemail account or reset voicemail password.

Request a sponsored, departmental, organizational or service account

Complete the necessary information to move your Dartmouth phone number to the new phone service.

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Submit a ticket for any student and faculty administrative systems issues or requests

Software available for Researchers

This service is to request equipment needed to support critical business processes for a Department

Request new static IP addresses or modify existing records

Institutional Reporting and Analysis (OBIEE), Data Warehouse

Echo360 is a classroom capture service that enables you to capture and distribute a recording of your class meeting to your students through Canvas.

Request learning design and educational technology support consultation.

Request the creation/installation, reconfiguration, or general assistance for a new application, database, server, or software infrastructure component.

Service to report a phishing attempt.

This service is for those Dartmouth students, faculty, and staff who have created Dropbox accounts using email accounts other than their Dartmouth primary email and wish to merge that with the Dartmouth Dropbox account.

Obtain skills using Zoom for your remote class meetings. Click on this service to learn more.

Telecommunication/Phone Issues