Information, Technology and Consulting: Service Desk Support

Please note, in an effort to comply with state orders and federal guidelines in response to COVID-19, the ITC Service Desk is working remotely and adjusting operations to further help our remote Dartmouth community. Please see ITC Client Services Service and Support Operations for more information.


Who We Are

The ITC Service Desk is the primary point of contact for technology requests and support. This article outlines the Service Desk scope of support given current resources.

Who We Support

The Service Desk provides technology support for active members of the Dartmouth Community who are:

  • Faculty appointed in the Arts and Sciences division
  • Dartmouth College undergraduate students
  • Students in the Guarini School of Graduate and Advanced Studies
  • Dartmouth College staff
  • Arts and Sciences division Emeriti faculty
  • Dartmouth College Emeriti staff

Faculty, staff, and students within the Geisel, Tuck, and Thayer professional schools are supported by the computing support office for their school.

Dartmouth Alumni are supported by the Alumni Help Desk.

How We Provide Support

Request Support

The Dartmouth Services Portal is a great place to start for information and to request support.

Search the Knowledge Base for self-help technology solutions.

Browse through the Service Catalog  to find technology services and submit support requests. Some service examples include:

  • Dartmouth account and access requests
  • Help selecting new computer equipment or software
  • Setup and configuration of new Dartmouth computers and devices
  • Installation of Dartmouth software
  • Troubleshooting supported software, hardware and network issues
  • Upgrade desktop operating systems on supported computers

New requests will be reviewed Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm

Real-time Remote Support

  • Call 603-646-2999 or toll free 1-855-764-2485 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
    • The ITC Service Desk provides phone support Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm. 
    • Our support partner Vitalyst provides support during weekends and outside business hours.

Support We Provide

Dartmouth Accounts

The Service Desk serves as the primary point of contact for Dartmouth account access and identity management support.


  • The Service Desk provides first level support for and escalation to the following ITC Teams: Network Services; Web Services; Infrastructure; Packaged and Web Applications; Security; Data Warehouse; and Learning Design.
  • The Service Desk provides training support based on expertise and availability of resources.
  • The Service Desk will consult on the use of Dartmouth-owned technology for academic or administrative purposes; advise on technology purchases; or serve as a point of referral to an appropriate ITC professional.

Computers and Devices

Faculty and Staff

  • Priority support is provided for Dartmouth computers in the Device Assurance Program (DAP)
  • Support is provided for Dartmouth-owned computers that are not in the Device Assurance Program, when they are used as a primary device for Dartmouth work. 
    • Dartmouth-owned computers that are not used as primary work computers receive lower priority. 
  • Support for personally-owned computers and devices is limited to the installation of applications licensed by Dartmouth College.
    • The device needs to meet the standard operating system requirements listed below.


  • Support is provided for student-owned computers and devices that meet the operating system requirements below.

Operating Systems (OS)

  • Supported Desktop Operating Systems
    • macOS
      • Big Sur (11)
      • Catalina (10.15)
      • Mojave (10.14)
    • Windows 10
      • Version 1809 and newer
    • Linux - Support is available to configure Dartmouth email, Dartmouth wireless networks, and Dartmouth VPN on Linux systems.
  • Supported Mobile Operating Systems
    • Support is available to configure Dartmouth email, Dartmouth wireless networks, and Dartmouth VPN on the following systems:
      • iOS - Current release and previous two versions
      • Android - Current release and previous two versions


The Repair Shop in 001 McNutt Hall provides hardware support when opening a machine is required.

Software Applications

  • Support is provided for applications licensed by Dartmouth College for Dartmouth business.
    • Examples include: G Suite, Microsoft Office, and GlobalProtect VPN.
  • Best effort will be made to help install and troubleshoot other software needed for your role at Dartmouth.
    • Examples include: Snagit, Adobe Acrobat, and FileMaker.
  • Departments are responsible for providing and maintaining licenses for non-enterprise software.
    • Examples include departmental or individual purchase of: Asana, Trello, and Adobe Creative Cloud.


Support is provided for Dartmouth-owned Konica Minolta printers and laser printers purchased through the Dartmouth Computer Store.

  • Printer setup on supported computers
  • Wired network setup of printer (no wireless)
  • Basic troubleshooting

Home Devices and Internet of Things (IoT) Devices

The ITC Service Desk is not currently able to provide support for smart home devices or IoT devices including:

  • Smart TVs
  • Smart bulbs such as Philips Hue
  • Smart speakers such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Sonos
  • Gaming consoles such as Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch

Note: Some home devices may be incompatible with or have limited functionality on the Dartmouth network.


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