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Check Your Specs Image1. Check Your Specs

Minimum Requirements
Check your computer's specifications to make sure it meets the minimum requirements for Dartmouth.

Order Your Computer Image2. Order Your Computer

Order by July 20th
If your computer does not meet the specifications, please order one that does.

Fill out the Survey Image3. Fill out the Survey

Complete by July 20th
Complete the mandatory survey to confirm your computer will meet the requirement or you'll order a computer that does.

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1. Check Your Specs

Does my computer meet the minimum requirements?

Dartmouth requires all students to bring a Windows or Mac computer that meets minimum software and hardware requirements to work on the Dartmouth network and use the Core Dartmouth Software.

We believe that starting with a computer that meets these minimum requirements will enable you to have a useful computer for your time at Dartmouth.

If your computer does not meet the Minimum Computer Requirements or you do not have a computer yet, you will need to order a computer before July 20th.


How to check my specs

Need help or have questions?

Minimum Computer Requirements
Macintosh Computers
Hard Drive Size: 256 GB or more
Memory (RAM): Minimum - 16GB
Operating System: macOS 11.7.6 (Big Sur) or higher
Windows Computers
Hard Drive Size: 256 GB or more
Memory (RAM): Minimum - 16 GB
Operating System: Windows 10 Professional or higher

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2. Order Your Computer

Place your order before July 20th to ensure it will arrive in time for the start of Fall Term.

The Computer Store

The Computer Store is here to help with a wide selection of computers and accessories to fit your every need

Some of the advantages of purchasing through The Computer Store include:

  • Your computer will meet the hardware standards
  • You will receive an educational discount
  • You can have warranty service performed on campus
  • You are entitled to a free loaner while warranty repairs are performed

Have more questions?

Order from Computer Store


Purchase Elsewhere

You are not required to purchase your computer through The Computer Store. You can purchase it anywhere you like, as long as it meets the minimum computer requirements listed above.

If you already own a computer or plan to buy one elsewhere, please be aware that you WILL NOT be entitled to a free loaner at the Computer Store, and will be charged a service fee if service is needed.




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3. Complete the Mandatory Survey

Complete the survey to confirm that your computer meets the minimum computer requirements or if you plan to order a computer from The Computer Store or elsewhere.


Fill out the Survey



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Woohoo you're all set!

Once you receive your computer, you can start downloading and setting up your Dartmouth Software
(computers ordered through the store will have the Core Dartmouth Software already pre-installed)


Need Help?


Message Us

Want to buy a computer? Email about purchasing a computer or accessories.

Message Us

Call us

Call the Incoming Students Hotline with questions about computers and packages we offer.

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If your computer is in need of hardware repairs, submit one of the requests on our Services Portal

On-Campus Repairs

Off-Campus Repairs

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