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Client Technology Consulting

Client Technology Consulting provides client-centered consulting and support services that empower our clients to effectively use technology in their teaching, learning, research, and work at Dartmouth. We support Dartmouth computers and devices, software solutions, AV solutions, and accounts for clients in the A&S and Guarini schools. For more information about what the team does, please see: Client Technology Consulting - About.

Leadership Team


Maureen Hennigan
Sr. Director of ITC Client Services

Director, Client Technology Services


Bradley Shulda
Asst. Director, Client Technology Consulting

Joel Vodila
Client Technology Manager

Norma Rose Williams
Client Technology Manager


What We Do

Client Technology Consulting Teams

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Team Structure

The organizational structure of Client Technology Consulting. Please see the ITC organizational chart for more information about how Client Technology Consulting fits within ITC Client Services and within ITC.


Maureen Hennigan
Senior Director, Client Services



Director of Client Technology Consulting



Norma Rose Williams
Client Technology Manager

Bradley Shulda
Acting Director, Client Technology Consulting


Joel Vodila
Client Technology Manager


Anthony Helm
Kerry Ann Doyle 
Max Bramble
Nicole Hamilton
Ryan Sokol



Alex Perrone
Caroline Prefontaine
Diane Ignatowicz
Lisa Smith
Randy Baker



Andrew Knutsen
Barbara Mellert
Kathy Drouin
Matthew Allen
Tucker Swett 


Service Desk (Willow)

Matt Huffman - Lead
Daryl Williams
Katarina Short
Jacob Peters





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