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Dartmouth has made Adobe Creative Cloud applications available for free to all Arts and Science undergraduate students and Guarini graduate students.
Faculty and Staff can purchase it at a reduced rate with a Chart String. You can find information about pricing and how to purchase the license in the Request Software License service.

If you had an Adobe license through the college before Summer 2020, this is a new sign in process and you'll need to log out of your Creative Cloud application in order to use your new license. 

Download and install the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop application

We recommend installing the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop application because it helps manage your Adobe license, manage updates, share files, find fonts, and set basic preferences.


  1. Go to
  2. Your web browser will automatically download the Creative Cloud desktop application. If prompted, save the file. 
  3. Open the downloaded file and follow the prompts to install. 

Log into the Creative Cloud desktop application

If you had an Adobe license through the college before Summer 2020, this is a new sign in process and you'll need to log out of your Creative Cloud application in order to use your new license.

  1. Open your Creative Cloud application.
  2. You will be prompted to sign in, only enter in the email address field and click continue. (NOTE: If you have already been using the Creative Cloud application and are not prompted to sign in you will likely need to sign out before performing these steps. This occurs when you are signed in using another account or were logged in with your Dartmouth ID before we offered our Enterprise licensing.)
  3. Enter your NetID, password, and authenticate with Duo.
  4. If you had a different Adobe registered to your Dartmouth ID, you may see the option to select between 2 different accounts. you'll need to select Company or School Account to use your new Creative Cloud account. *Adobe is unable to merge these two accounts.
  5. You'll be presented with a list of Creative Cloud applications that you can download. If you already had any Creative Cloud applications installed, the license will change to your Dartmouth's. 

Log into my Adobe Profile (Web Browser)

There are limited options in your Adobe Profile but you can log in to change your profile picture and see a full list of applications and services that are available to you. 

  1. Go to
  2. Click Sign In in the top right corner
  3. Enter where it asks for your email address. 
  4. Enter your NetID, password, and authenticate with Duo.
  5. To confirm you are logging into the correct account, you will see the following on your account homepage:


Getting Started with Adobe Creative Cloud Applications

Adobe has a full suite of materials to help you learn about its applications.  Visit their help center at

Migrate Assets to a Different Adobe Account

If you had used Creative Cloud Storage or Cloud documents and need to transfer to/from your Dartmouth Adobe account, follow these steps to migrate your assets.

You can confirm that you have Adobe Assets in your account by going to

For those leaving Dartmouth, you will have 90 days to access your assets for download after your last day at Dartmouth. 

Storage Limitations

Please note: There is a 100GB storage limitation on individual Dartmouth user accounts with no ability to expand beyond that limit. There are, however, options that allow an individual to work with content in another cloud storage solution.

The following link describes the process of using Adobe Cloud assets from your Google Workspace:

This link describes how to integrate Adobe Cloud assets with Dropbox:

Change your default save location

To avoid this issue, you can change the default save location to be local instead of in the cloud by default. You will no longer be prompted to save your files in the cloud but rather on your computer. 

As of now, Adobe requires you to make this change per Creative Cloud application.

  • Open the preferences of the Creative Cloud application that is open. 
  • The setting can be found in two locations based on the application
    1. GeneralShow online storage when saving files
    2. File Handling > Default File Location

Common Errors

Permission may be required: You may see this error when you first access your Adobe account or the Creative Cloud Application. Generally you can just press OK and it will let you through.  


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