Leaving Dartmouth - Research Computing resources

When you leave Dartmouth you will no longer be able to login to the multi-user Linux systems such as Polaris, Andes, and the Discovery cluster. 
You will also lose access to DartFS network storage. 
60 days after your departure is finalized, we will delete any DartFS storage that is in your name. 
  • Most people who have worked with us will have at least a DartFS home directory for the Linux systems. 
  • If you want to save anything from DartFS it is important to do so before you have actually left Dartmouth.
If you will be collaborating with a Dartmouth researcher after you leave, they can request that your account be left active for the duration of the collaboration.  Everything needed to do that is described in this KBA.  https://services.dartmouth.edu/TDClient/1806/Portal/KB/ArticleDet?ID=63663
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