Please check here if you are seeing a suspicious email and would like to verify if there are similar known phishing exercises.
If you have received a phishing message in your inbox, please forward the message to, then mark the message as spam or phishing in your email client

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Email Extortion Scam

Members of the Dartmouth community have been receive emails which attempts to extort money from the recipient. Do not reply to the scammer, do not pay them; just delete the message.

Examples of Phishing Scams for COVID-19

Examples of COVID-19 Themed Phishing Attempts

Microsoft's Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

Microsoft's Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) service is part of an ongoing cybersecurity initiative to protect Dartmouth. ATP analyzes incoming email, and blocks malware and unsafe links.

Phishing Scam 2020.08.18 - IT Help Desk Update

Phishing Scam - 08.18.20 - IT Help Desk Update