Support for storage, computation, HPC and visualization needed for Dartmouth's research activities.

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High Performance Computing

At Dartmouth, Research Computing offers High Performance Computing (HPC) to the entire research community, regardless of their school or department. It is a combination of powerful computer systems, software, and algorithms to solve complex scientific, engineering, and data-intensive problems that require significant computational resources. Our HPC systems consist of multiple interconnected servers or nodes, each with high-performance processors, large amounts of memory, high-speed network connections, and data storage.

The main goal of HPC is to provide processing power and data storage that far exceeds what can be achieved on a single computer or server. By leveraging the power of high-throughput, parallel processing and distributed computing, HPC systems can perform calculations and simulations faster and more efficiently, reducing the time required for scientific discovery and innovation.

Research Computing offers a variety of HPC services, on premise and in the cloud.

Research Data Storage

Research Computing offers multiple solutions for your research data storage needs. Those include general purpose (DartFS), sensitive data (HIPAA, PHI/PII, FERPA, etc.) storage and compute (Granite), cloud data storage (GCP, AWS), databases (RC-DB), and bespoke solutions.

- DartFS - General purpose, HPC attached, research data storage:
- Granite - secure data storage and compute:
- RC-DB - research database:
- Cloud services -

All other requests can be directed at

Software for Research

Software for Research

Code Development

We develop, debug, and optimize code to effectively use resources and improve code performance.

Grant Support

We facilitate grant proposal writing by providing configuration and pricing for a grant’s proposed hardware and software.

Field Specific Support

Service offerings that are of interest to researchers by providing access to application specialists. These professionals are able to consult with you on your needs.

Instrumentation and Scheduling

Do you need access to specific instrumentation and schedule time for usage?

Undergraduate Research and Award Opportunities

Undergraduate students have access to a wealth of award opporunities to enhance their education and research.

Biomedical Informatics Help

This is where you can submit a help ticket for the Biomedical Informatics team.

Services (6)

When you are unable to find a service you need, yet related to research...

Please send an email to or call (603) 646-8936. Someone from the department will respond promptly and help you.

FAQs and working with Research Computing

The research computing department is undergoing transformation to become the Research Information, Technology and Consulting organization. As part of the transformation, critical information will be directed to the new Dartmouth Services site.

Research Computing Bill of Rights

Researchers at Dartmouth are entitled to access a foundation of computational resources at no cost.

Research Computing Mailing list

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Research Computing helps you learn how to use research software and systems through our live training sessions and online classes.


Applications include Grants, IRB, COI, HUB and CMR/eSirius.