High Performance Computing

At Dartmouth, Research Computing offers High Performance Computing (HPC) to the entire research community, regardless of their school or department. It is a combination of powerful computer systems, software, and algorithms to solve complex scientific, engineering, and data-intensive problems that require significant computational resources. Our HPC systems consist of multiple interconnected servers or nodes, each with high-performance processors, large amounts of memory, high-speed network connections, and data storage.

The main goal of HPC is to provide processing power and data storage that far exceeds what can be achieved on a single computer or server. By leveraging the power of high-throughput, parallel processing and distributed computing, HPC systems can perform calculations and simulations faster and more efficiently, reducing the time required for scientific discovery and innovation.

Research Computing offers a variety of HPC services, on premise and in the cloud.

Categories (2)

On-Premises Computing Services

On-Premise Computing Services offer compute servers and cluster for computing hosted in Dartmouth-operated data-centers.

** General purpose ** - Linux-based high-memory, high-CPU count shared servers (Andes, Polaris) and a scheduled cluster for computing (Discovery).

** Secure (HIPAA, PHI, PII) ** - for computing with highly sensitive data (DISC level 3), flexible virtual servers with on-demand memory, CPU and GPU computation (Granite) with both MS Windows and Linux operating systems.

Most of our on-premise servers offer both CPUs and GPUs compute options.

On-Premises Data Storage Services

On-premise Research Data Storage services are stored on redundant systems that allow flexibility, scalability, and security of your research data.

** General purpose ** - DartFS is our general purpose research data storage and can be accessed from any laptop or desktop workstation on the campus network or VPN, as well as all our Research Computing on-premise high-performance computing systems (Andes, Polaris, Discovery)

** Secure (HIPAA, PHI, PII) ** - Granite is our research data storage and compute system for highly sensitive (DISC level 3) data