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Databases for Research - PostgreSQL, Maria DB, MySQL, SQL Server

Log in to Dartmouth's network, either on the campus network or VPN via Global Connect (see

Navigate a browser to

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In the upper right corner, click "LOGIN".


Log in with your Dartmouth NetID.

In the upper left, click the three lines (pancake stack) and choose "Project" (

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Click "Create Project".

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Fill out the form to create a Free-tier project, or for larger databases, choose 'Enable billing'.

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Select your new project from the top bar.


Click the "CREATE" button to create your project.

Click the three lines in the upper left (pancake stack) and Choose "Database".

Click "Instances".

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Click "Create Instance".

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Fill out the form to create a database.

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It may take several minutes for the database to be created.


Once created, the database will be listed on the "Instances" page, and the "Status" column will be "READY".

To the right of the database "Name" field, place a check mark in the box, and then in the upper right, click "CONNECT".

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A box will pop up with connection information.


This information can be used in a database manager, such as DBeaver, or in code to connect to the database.

Here is a snapshot of a connection from a database manager (DBeaver) to a database.

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From the database manager, SQL tools can be used to create tables, and import and export tools are available. Right-click any table schema and choose "Import" to open up the import wizard tools.  To make data import easier, save files in comma-separated format (CSV), and use UTF-8 encoding if possible. 


For MySQL or MariaDB databases, there is web-based database administration tool available known as PHPMyAdmin:

See > Other Resources > Web access to MySQL/MariaDB Database (PHPMyAdmin)

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Filemaker Pro Databases: (Securing a FileMaker database)


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