Graduating Students - Overview

Dartmouth Account Expiration Warning!
Your Dartmouth account expires approximately 60 days after graduation.
Download anything you want to keep. ITC will not be able to recover your content after the expiration.

Congrats Grads!

Congratulations graduating students!

As you prepare for the next step in your life journey, please consider what content and data you want to bring with you. You will lose access to your Dartmouth accounts 60 days after you graduate. You will need to configure email forwarding and download any content that you want to keep from the various Dartmouth solutions. Please find the guidance below and don’t forget to update your Alumni Profile!

Set up Email forwarding

  • You will be able to continue using your email address for the rest of your life, but all mail must be forwarded to a personal email address.
  • You will lose access to your Dartmouth mailbox approximately 60 days after you graduate.
  • If you want to keep any messages and contacts from your Dartmouth mailbox you will have to move them to a personal email account before then.
  • See Graduating Students - Email for instructions.

Download and save your data

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Save some time
VaultMe is an optional, automated online service that can be used to copy your student email account content, Dartmouth OneDrive account content, and Dartmouth Google Drive account content to an account of your choice. Learn More

Click on each of the technologies listed below for instructions on what you need to do before your account expires.

Technology What you need to do
Adobe Creative Cloud Migrate your Creative Cloud assets from your Dartmouth account to a new Creative Cloud free membership account.
Canva Migrate your Canva designs from your Dartmouth account to a personal Canva account.
Canvas Download a zip file of all your assignment submissions.
Dropbox Your student Dropbox account at Dartmouth will convert to the free individual Basic account.
Email Transfer email you want to save to a personal account. Set a forwarding address.
Google Drive Download any files you want to keep.
Microsoft Office Suite Purchase a personal copy of Microsoft Office if you would like these applications.
OneDrive Download any files you want to keep.
Panopto Download any videos you want to keep.
Research Computing Resources Download DartFS files you want to keep. Request access to RC systems you need after graduation.
Slack Request guest access to any workspaces you still need to access after graduation.
VaultMe Migrate your Dartmouth student email, OneDrive and Google Drive account content to a personal account of your choice.
Zoom Download any meeting recordings you want to keep.

Update your Alumni Profile

You must complete your Alumni Profile to have it updated with Alumni Relations. This will ensure that you receive communications about events in your area and class updates.
Update your Alumni Profile here.

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Support during the transition

If you need additional help, ITC's Service Desk team can assist during your transition from Student to Alum

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