Graduating Students - Summary Table

Graduating Students
  Your Dartmouth account expires approximately 60 days after graduation. Download anything you want to keep.

Click on each of the technologies listed below for instructions on what you need to do before your account expires.

Tech Checklist for Graduating Students

Technology What you need to do
Adobe Creative Cloud Migrate your Creative Cloud assets from your Dartmouth account to a new Creative Cloud free membership account.
Canvas Download a zip file of all your assignment submissions.
Dropbox Your student Dropbox account at Dartmouth will convert to the free individual Basic account.
Email Transfer email you want to save to a personal account. Set a forwarding address.
Google Drive Download any files you want to keep.
Microsoft Office Suite Purchase a personal copy of Microsoft Office if you would like these applications.
OneDrive Download any files you want to keep.
Panopto Download any videos you want to keep.
Research Computing Resources Download DartFS files you want to keep. Request access to RC systems you need after graduation.
Slack Request guest access to any workspaces you still need to access after graduation.
Zoom Download any meeting recordings you want to keep.


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