FAQs and other resources to help staff members use Zoom for virtual meetings and collaboration.

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Pinned Article 1 - Zoom Landing Page - Getting Started

What is Zoom, who should use it, and why should I use it

3- Zoom FAQs

Frequently asked questions about Zoom

Zoom Videos - Waiting Room and Breakout Rooms

Videos from Zoom about how to use Waiting Rooms and Breakout Rooms

2 - Zoom Quick Reference Guides and Best Practices

Quick reference guides and best practices for using Zoom

How to mitigate Zoombombing

This article is intended to demonstrate various optional ways of mitigating or preventing instances of "Zoombombing".

Zoom Meeting Settings when Including External Guests

This article provides Dartmouth Staff Members secure settings for hosting Zoom business meetings that require external participants. These settings are not recommended for Faculty.

Improving your Zoom connection

Information on how to improve your Zoom connection

Zoom - Change Your Display Name

When your NetID is displaying instead of your name