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Email & Calendar

Accessing Dartmouth email - Outlook, Gmail, Mobile, Apple Mail. Signing into email on your device. Troubleshooting common problems.

Authentication (including Duo)

Authentication is the process of recognizing a user’s identity. It is the mechanism of associating an application access with a set of identifying credentials.

Account Types

Bulk, Canvas Guest, Conference, Departmental, Email, Emeritus, Ex-Employee, Sponsored, Student Org Accounts.

A user account is an established technique for connecting a user and an information service and/or computer network. User accounts determine whether or not a user can connect to a computer, application, or network.

How to Access....

DORR, DJSA, Canvas, Student Billing, Bioraft, CyberArk, Gartner, eProcurement


Articles relating to your Dartmouth NetID, how to set and change your password associated with your NetID

Request Help with your NetID -

A Dartmouth NetID is a unique 7 character identifier for signing into services (example: F004123). A NetID needs to have a password associated with it.

Dartmouth faculty, staff, students automatically have a NetID created for them when they are hired or matriculate as a student. Alumni retain the NetID they had as a student. There can be only one netid per person so if a person transitions out, then back into the college at a later date, the original netid will be reactivated and used for the account.

Account Notifications

Information about notifications you may receive about your account.

--Messages will display in your inbox from Dartmouth ITC <>
--The Welcome to Dartmouth message for a new account is sent to the personal email address on file for the account. If an account existed previously, and the NetID is reactivated, no notification is sent.
--The Account Expiration message is sent to the actual account expiring.
--Expiration notices will be sent at intervals of 30 days, 14 days, 1 day prior to the expiration of the account.

Articles (13)

AppleStore or AppleID country or region change

If you are unable to download an App from the Apple Store since your AppleID is associated with a different country or region, please read this.

Configuring Single Sign-On (SSO) for Sites on

This article explains how to configure Single Sign-On for sites on

Error: Adobe Desktop Service Wants to Use Local Item Keychain

This article applies to Adobe Creative Cloud Mac users. Address the continuous local item Keychain pop-up after an Adobe Creative Cloud Update.

How do I Reset my TMS (The Museum System) Password?

The password in TMS should be the same as your Dartmouth NetID password. If they are not the same, there is something out of sync with Oracle Database and name directory.

Professional Name

If you are an employee of Dartmouth, and go by a professional name rather than your legal name, there is a way for you to update your directory entry and email address to reflect your professional name.

Resetting Website Passwords

If the website is owned by a department or organization, then you would need to log into the Web Account Management System using the NetID and password of the site owner.

Ways to locate a Person at Dartmouth

There are a few different ways in which you can find directory information about a faculty, staff or student. Read this to find the ways.

Zoom - How do I grant scheduling privileges to another user?

A user needs to be able to schedule Zoom meetings on behalf of another user. In our environment it is likely that this user has been granted similar permissions in Outlook to be able to schedule and manage another users meeting schedule. Unless similar permissions are granted in Zoom, the user will have issues using the Zoom plug-in for Outlook.