How to Manage Active Directory Group Membership

In order to manage active directory groups:

  1. You must have been granted permissions to manage one or more Active Directory groups before these instructions are relevant. 
  2. You must be running Windows Professional or Enterprise 7 or 10.
  3. The computer you install this software on must be joined to the KIEWIT Active Directory domain.

Software Installation (one time)

  1. Download the appropriate "Remote Server Administration Tools" installer from
  2. Run the installer package
  3. Say yes to prompt
  4. Accept license terms
  5. Close Installation Window

Managing a group

  1. Launch Active Directory Users and Computers from the newly created "Windows Administrative Tools" group.
  2. Unfold and then Security Groups or Research, depending upon the area where you were given access. 
  3. If there is a subgrouping of the groups you were given access to manage, open that folder (e.g. in Research, click the Groups folder) and you will see something like this.Image showing Research Computing Groups in ADUC
  4. Right click on the group you wish to manage and select Properties.  Note: if you cannot see your group, there is a search facility: Action menu and then Find.  All the Research Computing groups begin with "rc-" so searching for that will bring up a complete list of groups for research computing.
  5. Select the Members tab and you will see something like that looks like this.  Image of a group members tab
  6. To Add someone
    1. Click Add... and enter either their NetID or their name exactly as it appears in Active Directory including.  For example, John A. Doe
    2. Click Check Names and if you got their name/NetID correct, the missing half of NetID/name will be added to what you typed.  For example, John A. Doe (
    3. If you didn't get their name/NetID correct, a "Name Not Found" window will pop up.  Close that and try again.
  7. To remove someone
    1. Highlight their name.
    2. Click Remove.

When you are finished, close the Active Directory Users and Computers Window.

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