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Welcome to Slack @ Dartmouth! In this article, you'll find an example of the process to accept your Slack invitation and successfully log in to your Slack account.
Instructors can create a Slack workspace for each course through Canvas, after which students can join.
Have a question or problem about Slack? Follow the links to submit your request.
Frequently Asked Questions about Slack
Follow these simple guidelines when requesting access to a workspace in Slack, joining Slack for the first time, or inviting someone to Slack.
What is Slack for, who should use it, and why
Slack @ Dartmouth is meant to facilitate teaching, learning, working, cross-campus community building, and topics of general interest to the Dartmouth community.
This table represents organization-wide settings in The Dartmouth Slack Enterprise Grid that may affect your work, permissions, and access.
Create your own Dartmouth-branded Slack icon to make your workspace stand out!
Shared channel training in Slack.
Here's what you get when you're in the Grid!
Still on the fence about migrating your workspace into the Grid? Read here to help you make your decision.
Do you have an unused workspace you need to delete?
Workspace owner and administrator roles and responsibilities.
Read more about what happens during a Slack migration, and how migrations into the Grid take place.