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Pinned Article Recall or replace an email that you sent

If you forgot to include an attachment to an email, you can recall it, and replace it with an email that includes the attachment.

Change Forwarding Email Address

If you forward your Dartmouth email account, and need to change the address to which messages are forwarded, follow the steps in this article.

Disable Outlook Email Notifications for a Specific Account

Users who manage more than one email account may want to disable notifications from accounts that are constantly receiving emails throughout the day. This article will walk you through the steps of setting up your Outlook client to do just that.

Email Extortion Scam

Members of the Dartmouth community have been receive emails which attempts to extort money from the recipient. Do not reply to the scammer, do not pay them; just delete the message.

Outlook folder appears empty even though it says there are unread messages in it

Outlook folder appears empty even though it says there are unread messages in it. Users will see a "We didn't find anything to show here" message when clicking the folder that shows unread messages.

Outlook for Mac - search function not working for email messages

The search function in Outlook for Mac is not finding any (or all) results. The search function in Outlook is dependent on the native OS X Spotlight search feature. There are a couple of way to get content re-indexed for better search results.

Sharing a mail folder in Outlook

Sharing a folder from your Dartmouth Outlook mailbox to another Dartmouth Outlook account.

System Error when trying to log into email account

You are trying to access a shared email account using You keep receiving "System Error" when you attempt to enter the account credentials

What is Blitz?

Blitz (also known as Outlook Web Access or Blitz Web Access) is the nickname of the email system at Dartmouth used by students, faculty and staff.

Why is My Mailbox Getting So Slow?

Dartmouth's mail system supports up to 20,000 messages in a single folder.

Your email program is using outdated address information .....

Issue - Email bounced back, message indicates address book is outdated.