Disable Outlook Email Notifications for a Specific Account

Users who manage more than one email account may want to disable notifications from accounts that are constantly receiving emails throughout the day. This article will walk you through the steps of setting up your Outlook client to do just that.


Outlook for Windows

In Outlook for Windows, there is no way of disabling notifications for a specific account. You can however, disable notifications for all accounts, then set a rule to display notifications for a specific account. First you will need to go into File > Options > Mail and un-check Display a Desktop Alert as well as the Play a Sound check boxes.


Next step is to create a rule on the account you want to receive notifications from.

1. Click File > Manage Rules and Alerts

2. From the drop-down menu select the account you want to set notifications for and click New Rule

3. Select Apply Rule on Messages I Receive

4. Click Next twice and click Yes

5. Check the Display a Desktop Alert box and click next through the defaults. Note. You can also check the Play a Sound box, but you ill have to then select an audio file of your preference.

6. You can then repeat the same process on other account that you want to receive notifications from.



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