A web-based tool for teaching, learning, and collaboration.

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Pinned Article 1 - Canvas Landing Page

What is Canvas used for, who should use it, and why should you use it?

Pinned Article 2 - Teaching with Zoom Quick Reference Guide and Best Practices

Teaching with Zoom Quick Reference Guide and Best Practices

Pinned Article 3- Canvas FAQs

Frequently asked questions about Canvas

Creating a PDF for Canvas Submissions

If you do not have a printer/scanner available to you, you will need to use an app or other method to turn captured images into a single PDF file. Submitting straight images in Canvas is cumbersome, not only for you, but for whoever will be grading and giving feedback on your work.

Introducing the New Rich Content Editor in Canvas

Canvas released an update to its Rich Content Editor that is a substantial user interface change over the former tool.

Setting Students Up for Successful Group Work with Dartmouth’s Team Formation Tool

Group work has been shown to support deep learning, long-term information retention, strengthened communication and teamwork skills, and a greater sense of purpose and dedication to course materials––if groups are formed thoughtfully and given clear parameters. This article will briefly explore some of the major factors that go into making longer-term group work successful before exploring how Dartmouth’s new Team Formation Tool can help support the creation of successful student groups.

Using Team Formation Tool Groups to Create Breakout Rooms in Zoom

While Team Formation Tool is a Canvas app, it can also be used to pre-assign breakout rooms in Zoom. This is useful if you plan to assign students to persistent discussion or project groups and plan to use the breakout rooms feature to facilitate group work.

Canvas Learning Management System

Canvas is a web-based tool for teaching, learning, and collaboration. All Dartmouth classes are automatically provisioned with a Canvas site. Canvas integrates with many other teaching and learning tools used at Dartmouth. New features, enhancements and bug fixes are applied to Canvas every three weeks.