Create A Dartmouth-Branded Slack Icon

For workspace owners and administrators who don't already have a logo or design for their department or course workspace, below are instructions on how to create a Dartmouth-branded Slack icon using PowerPoint. The PowerPoint deck with these instructions and background templates is also attached to this article.

NOTE: Don't want to create your own icon? You can select from the attached icon set of Dartmouth-branded Slack icons. Just download the .zip file and choose the icon you like!

How best to use the Slack icon template

1. Select a slide design. Note that each makes use of a Dartmouth Brand color.

2. Insert a design/image. 
Single color images that make use of the Dartmouth Brand colors work best. 

3. Move the image to the center of the slide leaving a margin (about 1/8th of slide size) around the design/image. 
The margin is recommended because the corners of the image will be removed by Slack.

4. When you’re happy with the position of the graphic, you can simply export the slide as a .png file.
Choose File > Export. Give the file a name, choose a destination, select PNG as the file type, specify a size of 264pxby 264px and save (from PowerPoint on MacOS).

Sample Icon

Notes on this example:

  • Design has been given a border
  • Design uses one of the recommended colors


Dartmouth Visual Identity Guidelines


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