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Baker 213 and 234 are single projector rooms with an audiovisual system that support the use of a classroom computer or laptop through wired or wireless connections. A lapel microphone is available for use with Zoom or other desktop conferencing applications.
Solstice is a wireless display gateway that is found in multiple locations including classrooms and meeting rooms on campus. Solstice allows multiple participants to connect simultaneously and share content wirelessly from their laptop, tablet, or phone.
There are various ways to amplify your voice and record it in a classroom setting. Included in this article recommendations for types of amplification and recording depending on equipment availability in classroom spaces.
Learn about how to record your class using desktop capture software in this overview article.
There are numerous reasons why you may want to record your class sessions in one-off or ongoing cases. This guide serves as a resource to help you to best plan and record in class using Panopto Video.