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Software Resources for Researchers

Details The following software is available to researchers: Bioinformatics Software Availability OS Comments mrbayes Discovery Linux


linux ... FastX is a commercial tool for rendering graphical output from remote Linux servers.  It is a faster alternative to traditional remote display using SSH with the X11 protocol.   Software on the

Limitations of SMB access to DartFS

linux ... attributes).  These show up mostly when using Mac or Linux with DartFS mounted via SMB. The results depend somewhat on the tool used to do the copy.  Finder dragging is often different from command line

Leaving Dartmouth - Research Computing resources

When you leave Dartmouth you will no longer be able to login to the multi-user Linux systems such as Polaris, Andes, and the Discovery cluster.    You will also lose access to DartFS network

Collecting GlobalProtect VPN Client Logs

Instructions for collecting GlobalProtect VPN Client logs on Windows, MacOS, Linux, and mobile ... Contents macOS Windows Linux Linux CLI Mobile (iOS and Android) macOS Click on the GlobalProtect client icon on the top of the home screen and click on the gear and select

Supported Operating Systems

), Sonoma (14) Windows 10 Version 1809E (LTS) and newer Windows 11 Linux - Support is available to configure Dartmouth wireless networks and Dartmouth VPN on Debian-based

Snapgene software

license will be updated.  Supported systems are MacOS 10.14 or later, Windows 10 or later, Red Hat Linux 7.2 or later, Fedora Linux 21 or later, Ubuntu Linux 14.04 or later. We ask that you also


MobaXterm is a utility for Microsoft Windows which provides SSH terminal connects, Secure FTP (SFTP) file transfers, and X11 remote graphics displays with remote servers, typically Linux systems

Compilers on 64-bit and 32-bit Research Computing Systems

-bit computer.

All of the C/C++ and FORTRAN compilers on the public 64-bit Linux computers will build 64-bit applications by default when you run them on a 64-bit computer. You can specify options to

Minicourses for Researchers

Managing Files with Shared Storage (RStor)Rstor provides Windows, Mac and Linux users with a remote share for storing their important information. This class will teach participants how to install

Server Operating System Support Lifecycle

testing status to the end of life (EOL). We also incorporate new operating system versions as the vendors announce them. Microsoft's Windows Lifecycle Fact Sheet Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Discovery Setup for Mac

Windows. To display graphical output from remote Linux software, you'll need Xquartz or FastX (see below), but this isn't so important with discovery since it is a batch-scheduled environment

RStor - Central Data Storage for Researchers

. This can be especially useful to researchers when they either need off campus access themselves or the ability to share data with non-Dartmouth collaborators.Macintosh, Windows, and Linux users can

SAS at Dartmouth

server installations.  SAS is licensed only for academic use (teaching and research) by faculty, staff and students. Individual desktop licenses at no charge to Dartmouth users (Windows and Linux

Disconnects During File Server Maintenance

reconnect to a different node. NFS clients running Linux do this automatically and seamlessly. Unfortunately, the SMB protocol does not allow for the same kind of seamless transition to a