DartFS is a network-based storage service for documents and files. Each member of Dartmouth's research community can request a 50GB DartFS private home directory space (named as your Dartmouth NetID). In addition, Dartmouth Faculty members may request a 1TB shared lab space (named using the last name and first initial of the PI, e.g. Prof. Charles Xavier would get a lab share named “XavierC”).


  1. A valid Dartmouth NetID and password;
  2. Request a private home space using the form on rc.dartmouth.edu (Click the Request an account button in the upper right corner);
  3. Faculty can request their shared lab space via email to research.computing@dartmouth.edu and specify:
    1. Their name and department;
    2. The list of lab members and Dartmouth collaborators they wish to grant access to their space. Collaborators can be added at any time by contacting us;
    3. If known, the initial desired folder structure in the shared space as well as the access to grant each lab member on those initial folders.

Expect the creation and provisioning of the space(s) within 3 business days after submitting the request.

If you are accessing DartFS off-campus, you need to establish a VPN connection prior to connecting to DartFS. See the Related Article on VPN for more information. 

Once you have received confirmation that the space(s) was created, reference the appropriate DartFS Access article in Related Articles for more information about the service.


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