DartFS Description


DartFS is reliable, high-speed network file system. It provides both the 50GB home directories used when logging into Research Computing's Linux systems and larger "lab volumes" when a home directory isn't big enough or there is a desire to share the space among collaborators.  DartFS home directories and lab volumes can be accessed from any computer on the Dartmouth network (or via a VPN connection when off campus).


  • DartFS is available to anyone with a Dartmouth NetID
  • 50GB Linux home directories at no cost
  • 1TB lab volume at no cost for faculty members (expandable at regular pricing)
  • Volumes of virtually any size available for purchase
  • Automatically mounted on Research Computing systems
  • Mountable from any Windows, Mac, or Linux computer
  • Flexible permissions model allows for fine grained control over sharing and collaboration
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly snapshots (backups) are made automatically
  • Users can restore data from snapshots by themselves

Getting DartFS

To get a DartFS home directory, request a Research Computing account at https://rcweb.dartmouth.edu/accounts

To purchase a lab volume (or, if faculty, to claim your free 1TB), go to https://rcweb.dartmouth.edu/storagerequests/

Step-by-step DartFS access guide: https://rc.dartmouth.edu/index.php/dartfs-access-guide/


  • Home directories are named according to your NetID and are further grouped according to the last letter of your NetID.  So if Professor Charles Xavier's NetID were f1234x5 then his home directory would be in 5/f1234x5. All home directories start with /dartfs-hpc/rc/home/ so his full path (on the Linux systems) would be /dartfs-hpc/rc/home/ 5/f1234x5.
  • Lab volumes default to the last name and first initial of the PI so unless he requested otherwise (which he could do) Professor Xavier's lab share would be named XavierC.  Lab volumes are grouped according to the first letter of the name so he would be in X/XavierC.  There are two possible beginnings to a lab volume path: /dartfs-hpc/rc/lab and /dartfs/rc/lab depending on whether or not it is in the high performance computing (hpc) storage tier.

Accessing DartFS from Personal Computers

See the links in the Related Articles section for detailed instructions on how to mount a DartFS volume from Mac and Windows systems.


  • Standard Performance tier with snapshots is approximately $93 per TB per year.
  • High Performance tier with snapshots is approximately $185 per TB per year.
  • If you have a use case where omitting snapshots makes sense then DartFS is available without them for about 25% less.
  • Exact pricing is available on the storage request page at https://rcweb.dartmouth.edu/storagerequests/


We have a list of frequently asked questions at https://rc.dartmouth.edu/index.php/dartfs/

Also please see the related articles section on the right for detailed How To articles related to DartFS