RStor - Central Data Storage for Researchers


RStor is being phased out. It used to be Research Computing's main data storage offering and was available to anyone in the Dartmouth community.

RStor is based on the OpenAFS distributed filesystem which provides secure network file storage at relatively low cost. RStor is frequently used to share files across the Internet because it has strong authentication and flexible access control. This can be especially useful to researchers when they either need off campus access themselves or the ability to share data with non-Dartmouth collaborators.

Macintosh, Windows, and Linux users can directly access RStor by installing the OpenAFS client. The Research Computing compute servers, Polaris and Andes, already have the OpenAFS client installed and use RStor for home directories. This means it is also possible to access RStor using an SFTP client to connect to Polaris or Andes.

Choosing Between the OpenAFS client and SFTP

The OpenAFS client actually mounts your RStor space on your computer so you can use files directly out of RStor. It's similar to attaching a USB drive in that sense (except you obviously need a network connection instead of a USB cable).

SFTP clients are somewhat simpler to install but you have to manually transfer files back and forth to use them on your computer.

Download and Install the OpenAFS client

These are links to internal pages with detailed installation instructions.

Graphical SFTP clients

These are links to the 3rd party applications we feel are the most useful.

More on using AFS


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