Dartmouth Account Names and Email Addresses

There are the following types of accounts at Dartmouth:

  • Employee (Faculty and staff)
  • Students
  • Alumni
  • Department
  • Organization
  • Sponsored/Guest

Account Names

Dartmouth Accounts are created using full names only; acronyms and nicknames are not allowed. Faculty, staff, student and alumni names are identical to how they appear in the Human Resources Management System (HRMS), Banner system, or Alumni Advance system. Full legal names should be submitted for any Sponsored or Guest accounts, to avoid duplicate accounts. Each person or entity is entitled to only one account.

To change your Dartmouth Account Name, individuals must first change your name with Human Resources (HR), the appropriate Registrar's Office, or Alumni Records. Employees can specify a "professional name" with HR via employee.dartmouth.edu and that will be their account name. Legal name changes for employees will automatically be updated from HRMS; the Registrars' offices and Alumni Records will notify the IT Service Desk to update student names once they have been changed in Banner.

Department account names are based on the official departmental names that are maintained by HR and any changes must be requested and approved by HR. Organizational account names are based on the official organization names that are maintained by the departments that validate organizational account. Any changes to these account names must be requested through the organization's faculty or staff advisor.

Email Addresses

Email addresses are the full name with periods between each name followed by @Dartmouth.edu. For example, John.A.Doe@Dartmouth.edu or Student.Assembly@Dartmouth.edu. In those instances where there is more than one person with the same first name, middle initial, and last name, the second and subsequent accounts will have a number appended as part of their email address (e.g., John.A.Doe-2@Dartmouth.edu). 

Email addresses for students and alumni will include their class affiliation (e.g. john.a.doe.20@dartmouth.edu). *note the class affiliation cannot be removed from the email address as is part of the student record.  Email alias cannot be used to remove class affiliation.

Using an Alias (Nickname)

Anyone who wants to use an alias for their email address in place of their full name may do so by creating an alias in the Dartmouth Directory Manager. However, if you are a student, when you leave Dartmouth this alias may become disabled. Therefore, do not publish anything using your alias. If you are creating business cards, brochures, web pages, etc., always include your full name email address. Faculty and staff who are not alumni, or who are not granted emeritus status by the Board of Trustees, will lose access to all their Dartmouth email accounts when they leave Dartmouth.

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