Authorized Approvers for Organization Accounts


Overseeing Area

Authorized Approvers

Alumni Relations

Cheryl Bascomb


J.B. Weber
Heather Somers - Primary for Club Sports
Abigail Underhill - Primary for Athletics Dept.

Dean of the College, Administration

Eric Ramsey
La-Tarri Canty
Anne Hudak
Stacey Millard

Dickey Center

Thomas Candon - Primary
Sharon M. Tribou-St. Martin

Graduate Students, Arts & Sciences

Kerry Landers - Primary
F. Jon Kull

Hopkins Center

Jan Sillery

Health Services

David Leenders
Shawn Dohrn - Primary


Lora Coble - Primary
Susanne Mehrer

Native American Programs

Adria Brown

Office of Pluralism and Leadership

Rachele Hall

Office of Residential Life

Stacey Millard (ORL)
Abi France-Kelly (ORL)
Josh Gamse (Greek Life)

Office of Student Life

James Broutzos - Primary
Edward McKenna
Anna Hall
Diane Nadeau

Outdoor Programs

Katie Colleran - Primary
Rory Gawler
Willow Nilsen

Research Computing Systems (HPC & DartFS)

Christian Darabos - Primary
Elijah Gagne

Rockefeller Center

Jason Barabas
Laura Hemlock
Anna Mahoney - Primary
Fielding Essensa

Tucker Center

Nancy Vogele

Geisel School

Stephen McAllister - Primary
Margaret Hunton

Tuck School

Geoff Bronner
Loren Hudson
Todd Weightman - Tuck Bridge Program

Thayer School

Holly Wilkinson
Mark J. Franklin

Other Areas

**Appropriate Sponsoring Department Head or College Senior Officer

*Office of Greek Life includes Fraternities, Gender Inclusive Fraternities, Sororities, Undergraduate Societies, and Senior Societies.
**At the discretion of Information, Technology & Consulting.
Authorized approvers may be updated by the senior officer of the area by submitting a

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