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Request New API Or A Modification Of An Existing API

Request a Dartmouth Technology Orientation for a new employee.

Request a new computer setup.

Use this form to request a service account for API integration.

Use this service if you need a change made to multiple accounts or need to request multiple accounts created

Request a sponsored, departmental, organizational or service account

Multi-function devices or desktop printers are available to members of the Dartmouth community.

Request a new database (for MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server), a new database schema (Oracle), or an export/import of data.

Add new services to the network firewalls

Request new static IP addresses or modify existing records

Request an add/move/change for your telephone, activation of a new voicemail account or reset voicemail password.

Request the creation/installation, reconfiguration, or general assistance for a new application, database, server, or software infrastructure component.

The research computing department is undergoing transformation to become the Research Information, Technology and Consulting organization. As part of the transformation, critical information will be directed to the new Dartmouth Services site.

Obtain skills using Zoom for your remote class meetings. Click on this service to learn more.

Meet with with a Classroom Specialist from the ITC, Classroom Technology Services (Class Tech) team. Schedule an orientation to learn how to use the audio visual system in your central booked classroom. Or schedule a consultation to review the audio visual needs for a non-central booked classroom.