GlobalProtect Mac VPN Client Installation

GlobalProtect by Palo Alto Networks is Dartmouth's newly supported VPN client. This tool has replaced the F5 VPN client, also known as the Big-IP Edge client, and is available across different devices and operating systems.

Important: If your computer is in Dartmouth's Device Assurance Program (DAP), the GlobalProtect client is already installed and configured on your computer. Please see the Run GlobalProtect VPN article. If your computer is not in DAP, follow the steps below.

Supported OS's:


1. Open a web browser and navigate to

2. Login with your Dartmouth NetID and Password.


3. Authenticate using Duo


4. Click the Mac 32/64 bit download link.


5. Once the download completes, go into your Downloads folder and run GlobalProtect.pkg

6. Click Continue through the default settings.

Note: You may need Administrator privileges 

Note: You may see a System Extension Blocked pop up window like the one below. Even if you do not see the pop up and are using a macOS later than High Sierra(10.13), you need to click Open Security Preferences and click Allow in the "Allow apps downloaded from" section. 


7. Once the installation completes, you will see a new GlobalProtect Icon in your menu bar, click the icon.

8. Enter as the portal address.

Note: If you are a DHMC user, please use as the portal address.

9. Click Connect. 

10. Login using your Dartmouth NetID and Password.

11. Authenticate with Duo.


12. Once connected you will see the following window.


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