Zoom Room Guide

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This guide pertains to the following spaces:

  • 4 Currier 101E, 104, 213, 214, 215, 223, and 232
  • Kemeny 307
  • Parkhurst 009B
  • Rockefeller 101

These spaces have a single display (flat panel or projector) room with an audio-visual system that supports the use of a laptop through wired or wireless only connection for presentation.  These spaces are either equipped with a ceiling microphone and room camera or sound bar with a built-in microphone and camera, which will capture audio and video when joining a Zoom meeting.

Technology Features
Getting Started
Audio-Visual Support

Technology Features


Present your digital content from a computer through the projector and speakers.

  • HDMI
    Directly connect your laptop or other device to the audio-visual system.
    • Exception Parkhurst 009B

Join Zoom

Room microphones and cameras will enable remote guests to see and hear activities in the classroom.

  • Start a New Meeting
    Start a meeting from the Zoom Room control.
  • Join a Meeting
    Set up a Zoom meeting ahead of a scheduled session.  Join from the room by entering in the Meeting ID and Password
  • Zoom Share
    Use the Zoom "Share" button in the Zoom desktop client to wirelessly present your content in-room and to any remote participants in the Zoom meeting.

Getting Started

Local Presentation

  1. Using the projection control, select power icon to turn on the projector and bring the screen down.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
    1. Note the Zoom Room splash page will automatically be displayed.
  2. Plug your laptop or mobile device into the HDMI cable (Adapter may be required).
    1. The audio-visual system will autodetect and switch to HDMI connection.
  3. Adjust the volume through the fader on the bottom of the touch panel as needed.
  4. When you are finished, please tap the power button to turn off the system.


Start a New Meeting

  1. Start a meeting by selecting “New Meeting” from the Zoom Room Control

Join a Meeting

  1. Set up your Zoom meeting before your meeting session and note the Meeting ID and Password.
  2. Using the projection control, select the "Zoom" button.
  3. Using the Zoom Room Control, select “Join” and enter in the Meeting ID and Password when prompted.
  4. To present content, use Zoom Share from your laptop.

Zoom Share

  1. Using the projection control select “Zoom” button.
  2. To present content, use Zoom Share from your laptop.
  3. When prompted enter the Sharing Key located on the Zoom Room Control or top right corner of the projected image.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Audio-Visual Support

  • Call 603-646-2999, Option 1
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