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GreenPrint Home

The following printers are accessible during Summer Term 2020:
  • Berry Library, Main Level (near the self-checkout machine).
    • Black-and-white print station (#46)
  • Baker Library, 1902 Room (south-east corner, just north of the Sanborn House).
    • Black-and-white print station (#43)
  • Carson Hall, Lower Level (down the stairs near the Novack Café).
    • Black-and-white print station (#21)
    • COLOR print station (#24)


About GreenPrint

GreenPrint is Dartmouth's printing system for students.

32 printers located around campus are part of the GreenPrint system. Students install the GreenPrint software on their computer, then send documents they want to print to "GreenPrint". Nothing actually prints until that student walks up to one of the GreenPrint printers, enters their NetID and password, and selects a document to print from the list of documents they've sent to GreenPrint in the last 24 hours. The document they selected will then print at the printer they're standing in front of - it could be any one of the 32 printers in the GreenPrint system.

Each term students are granted a quota for GreenPrint. This quota was developed based upon the amount of printing done by most students for their academic work. Students who use up their quota in a single term will have any additional GreenPrint charges automatically charged to their Discretionary DA$H account.


Using GreenPrint

1. Send a Document to GreenPrint:

There are three ways to send a document to the GreenPrint system:

  1. GreenPrint Desktop - print from your computer
  2. GreenPrint Mobile - email your document to the GreenPrint system
  3. MyPrintCenter - upload your document to GreenPrint

Remember, when you "print" you are sending your document to the GreenPrint system and can then print the document from any GreenPrint printer on campus.

2. Print a Document at the Printer

Documents sent to the GreenPrint system remain available for 24 hours and can be printed at any GreenPrint printer. You are only charged for the documents you actually print.

  1. Swipe your Dartmouth ID card at the printer card reader.
  2. Locate your job in the list and select it.
  3. The information button to the right of the job(s) show the cost to print the document, your account total and the date/time you sent the job to GreenPrint.
  4. If you would like to remove the job from your queue, click Delete.
  5. If you would like to print the job, click Print.
  6. If you would like to print all the jobs in your queue, click Print All.

Printer Locations

Printing Cost

Printing allotments:

  • For students, the College provides an allocation of free printing each term. The current per term quota is $20 for printing on GreenPrint printers. When the quota for printing is exceeded charges will be transferred to the student's DA$H Discretionary account.
  • Dartmouth faculty have unlimited access to the black-and-white printers located in the Libraries.
  • For Library patrons and individuals who are not affiliated with the College, go to the Library's Circulation Desk to purchase GreenPrint Guest cards and receive printing instructions.

Rates for GreenPrint printing are as follows:

  • Black-and-white single-sided printing: $0.06 per page
  • Black-and-white double-sided printing: $0.085 per page
  • Color printing: $0.49 per page.
  • Color double-sided printing: $0.89 per page

Check your balance:

To see the balance on your GreenPrint account, log into a GreenPrint printer (release station locations). Three balances will be displayed on the screen of the Release Station after you logon:

  • Current Balance- This number is a total of the GreenPrint and DA$H Accounts.
  • GreenPrint Account- This number shows the amount of money remaining from the current term's quota allotment.
  • DA$H Account- This number shows the amount of money in your DA$H account, or the amount in which your DA$H account is in arrears.

You do not need to print anything to see these balances. They are available as soon as you log in.

Wait Time

The average academic print job is six pages long. The GreenPrint printers print 45 pages a minute; about eight seconds to print an average job.

However, large graphics jobs (PDF files and PowerPoint documents, for instance) require intensive processing by the printer. This means that a single page of a graphics-intensive job may take several minutes to process (blinking blue light on the printer) before the page actually prints (blinking white light on the printer). For these types of jobs:

  • You should release only one job at a time (so no job is still printing if you find you need to leave).
  • You should divide the job into smaller jobs by printing a few pages at a time until you have printed the entire document.

Getting Help

If you are having problems with the GreenPrint software on your computer, contact the ITC Service Desk or your department's IT support office by submitting a support request at or by calling 603-646-2999 at any time.

To request a Greenprint Refund, complete the Refund Request Form.