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GreenPrint has Changed for Fall of 2023 - Update Your Driver Now!

About GreenPrint

GreenPrint is Dartmouth's on campus printing system for students. Once a document is sent to the GreenPrint system, it can be printed at any of the GreenPrint stations on campus.

Quick Start

If you have questions or need assistance, please reach out to the Service Desk at 604-646-2999.


Download and Install the Driver


  1. Connect to Eduroam (if you're not already connected, please visit the quick start)
  2. Follow the set up article here

Print Your Document

  1. Connect to Eduroam (if you're not already connected, please visit the quick start)
  2. When you're ready to print, Select GreenPrint-PC as your printer. (If you still have the old GreenPrint-KM printer installed on your device, delete it)
    1. For Mac, enter your NetID and Dartmouth password (By default a Mac will autofill your profile name, delete this and enter your NetID)
    2. For Windows, your NetID and Dartmouth password were already captured during the install
  3. At the Printer, swipe your ID card
  4. Click Print Release
  5. Select your document on the printer’s screen and press print on the bottom right.

For additional printing instructions, please visit the How to Print article.


Each term, students are provided a $75 quota for GreenPrint. When the quota is exceeded, you will need to request for more funds to be added to your account. To check your balance, go to

  Single-sided Double-sided
Black and white    $0.06 per page    $0.085 per page
Color    $0.49 per page    $0.98 per page

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How to Print with GreenPrint

How to Print

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Set Up GreenPrint

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How to Scan

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Find out where printers are located

Printer Locations

Got charged but nothing printed?

Request a Refund

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Request Paper/Toner

Have more GreenPrint Questions?

GreenPrint FAQ

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Knowledge Base

More information about GreenPrint can be found in the Knowledge Base on our Services Portal

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