What is GreenPrint?

GreenPrint is the printing system that Dartmouth provides for students.

32 printers located around campus are part of the GreenPrint system. Students install the GreenPrint software on their computer, then send documents they want to print to "GreenPrint". Nothing actually prints until that student walks up to one of the GreenPrint printers, enters their NetID and password, and selects a document to print from the list of documents they've sent to GreenPrint in the last 24 hours. The document they selected will then print at the printer they're standing in front of - it could be any one of the 32 printers in the GreenPrint system.

Each term students are granted a quota for GreenPrint. This quota was developed based upon the amount of printing done by most students for their academic work. Students who use up their quota in a single term will have any additional GreenPrint charges automatically charged to their Discretionary DA$H account.

Important: New printers were installed in 2015. These printers require updated GreenPrint software to be installed. Click the links at the bottom of this article to install the new software. If your GreenPrint printer is named "GreenPrint-KM" then you already have the new software. Be sure to delete the "GreenPrint" printer, not the "GreenPrint-KM" printer.

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