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About GreenPrint

GreenPrint is Dartmouth's on campus printing system for students. We have Konica Minolta printers located across campus that are part of the GreenPrint system. Use the GreenPrint Map to see where printers are located on campus and which are currently operational.

Using GreenPrint

Send your document to GreenPrint

There are 3 ways to send your documents to the GreenPrint queue. 

  1. Print from your computer using GreenPrint Desktop. We will review how to install this in the next page. *Recommended
  2. Email the document using GreenPrint Mobile
  3. Upload the document using GreenPrint's PrintCenter
    • You need to be on Eduroam or the wired Dartmouth Network to access the GreenPrint Print Center
    • Log in with your NetID​​​​​​​ and Password

Print your document at the Printer

Once you have sent your document to the GreenPrint queue, they can be printed at any of the 25 stations on campus. The documents will remain in the queue for 24 hours before they expire and you won't be charged until you print the document.

Swipe your Dartmouth ID at the GreenPrint station

  1. Swipe your Dartmouth ID card at the card reader attached to the printer.
  2. Locate your job in the list and select it.
  3. There are 4 options:
    • Print - prints the selected document. 
    • Information - show the cost to print the document, your account total and the date/time you sent the job to GreenPrint.
    • Print All - prints every document currently in your GreenPrint queue.
    • Delete - removes the document from the queue.

GreenPrint Screen


Each term students are provided a $60 quota for GreenPrint. When the quota is exceeded, the charges will be transferred to the student's DA$H account (DA$H will be reviewed more in your New Student Orientation). 

  Single-sided Double-sided
Black and white    $0.06 per page    $0.085 per page
Color    $0.49 per page    $0.98 per page

You can check your balance by going to any of the GreenPrint stations and swiping your Dartmouth ID at the card reader. Three balances will be displayed on the printer's screen.

  • Current Balance - Combined funds in your GreenPrint and DA$H accounts.
  • GreenPrint Account - Current balance remaining in your GreenPrint allotment.
  • DA$H - Current balance on your DA$H account. 

Getting Help

Message Us

Submit a request for help on the Services Portal and we will follow up through email. 

Request Help

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Knowledge Base

More information about GreenPrint can be found in the Knowledge Base on our Services Portal

Services Portal


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