Stata use off-campus

Using Stata (Dartmouth licensed) software when off-campus

Applies To:

Mac (all), Windows (all), Linux

There are 3 scenarios:

  • Off-campus, on a network, can use VPN reliably
    • Use keyserved Stata as if on campus, on Mac or Windows, or  Stata/MP on Research Computing linux servers via SSH (batch mode works just the same, but remote GUI will be slow)
  • Off-campus, on a network occasionally
    • Use keyserved Stata on Mac/Windows, and KeyAccess will report usage when you are next on VPN (Preferred method)
    • Can use KeyCheckout to obtain a long-term license before leaving or while temporarily on VPN, and use Mac/Windows locally installed Stata
  • Not on any network, or on a very bad one
    • Must install Stata and KeyAccess, Mac or Windows, then use KeyCheckout to obtain a long-term license before leaving (preferably), or have temporary access to network and VPN in order to set things up when already off-campus.

In order to use KeyCheckout, you need a recent version of the KeyAccess client. Also, the KeyCheckout feature is not turned on by default -- users need to enable it, which requires a reinstall.  The checkout option for Stata currently gives up to 21-day licenses.


KeyCheckout: Step-by-Step 

Configuring desktop Stata/SE for borrowed licenses

If this is done before you leave campus, some steps are simpler -- no need to use the VPN for instance. This is the worst case scenario where you need to bootstrap when already off-campus.

  1. Go to wherever you can get on the internet, with the best possible connection.
  2. Download KeyAccess for Mac / Windows (see related articles)
  3. Start the install ( K2Client.mpkg or K2Client-x64)
  4. Click the Customize button and then add KeyCheckout -- this is an optional piece of KeyAccess which is NOT installed by default.
  5. Click 'Install', and confirm the address in the KeyServer box. Unfortunately, KeyAccess demands a reboot after installing.
  6. Click 'Restart'
  7. Now download Stata (related article; needs your NetID credentials). This is > 300MB so it may take a while. 
  8. Install Stata.  For Stata 15 or higher, install Stata/SE if presented with multiple options.  For earlier versions, use Stata/IC

    Now you've got Stata in your Applications folder, but if you try to run StataSE or StataIC from there, you'll get a license error.

  9. The next step requires that you be temporarily on the Dartmouth VPN, in order to borrow a license. If not already installed, you will need to install the VPN client. (see related article)
  10. Open System Preferences (Mac), then open KeyAccess from the Other category (a blue key). If it says Not Connected, click the Logon button to connect to the Dartmouth Keyserver. You can only do this if you have the VPN running. On Windows, find KeyAccess.exe and run it.
  11. Click KeyCheckout. You'll get 2 windows: Available Licenses and Checked Out Licenses. Find Stata in the Available licenses window and drag it to the icon for your boot drive in Checked Out Licenses. If you've got any external drives mounted, they'll also appear. What you are doing is copying a license key to the local disk. You'll get another box asking how long you want the license for (max 3 weeks). Type 3 weeks (or something less, in days or weeks). Now you should see Stata under Checked-out licenses, with an expiration date. If the license expires, you need to repeat the VPN and KeyCheckout steps.  On Windows, you might need to select Scannable Drives under the File menu to get permission for KeyCheckout to use your C: drive.
  12. Close KeyCheckout and KeyAccess. Click Disconnect in the VPN client.
  13. Run StataSE

    Stata will start up with a KeyAccess reminder.  The first run will ask if you want to check for Stata updates. It is safe to allow Stata to update itself, if you are still on a network.

  14. If you want, you can shut off your network completely. You no longer need any network connection to run Stata.
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