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Web Options for UNIX and AFS Users

any AFS client computer.Can use Web development tools on UNIX/Linux workstations to better advantage.DisadvantagesURL is not 2Follow the instructions to serve pages off

Passwordless SSH login to research servers

Tectia ( commercial offering) Windows MobaXterm v20 or later. Linux command line ssh, scp, sftp Unsupported clients Windows MobaXterm prior to v20 Unfortunately MobaXterm

Troubleshooting Adobe Acrobat Pro DC Redaction issues

redaction issues. Besides Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, PDFs are created in many other applications, e.g. Libre Writer, Ghostscript, Office 365 apps, macOS Preview used in Linux, Windows and Mac operating

Creating a web site in your DartFS account

on-campus or VPN, NFS mount on Research Computing linux servers) rcweb currently serves static HTML (.html) pages, server side includes (.shtml), PHP scripts (.php). PHP scripts needing to

CrashPlan - Default File Exclusions from Backup

+found/  /net/ Linux (click here) Linux Anything in the following folders (and sub-folders): /usr/  /dev/  /opt/  /etc/  /sbin Anything in the following top-level folders (and sub

Automated mount of DartFS via SMB using a keytab file

Linux can mount all or part of DartFS via the SMB protocol.  This requires SMB version 2 or higher, and so is only available to Red Hat Enterprise 7 and later, or Ubuntu 16 or later.  (Other Linux

Incorrect password is cached when trying to log onto a Dartmouth Site with Duo

. Click Manage saved passwords in the “Passwords and forms” section to see a list of all the usernames and passwords that have been saved. Windows, Linux, and Chrome devices users: In the

Canvas Learning Management System

To Get Started Contact Available To: Dartmouth faculty, students, staff, alumni. Requirements Canvas runs on: Windows 7 and newer Mac OS X 10.6 and newer Linux

AFS File Backups

DetailsRegular backups are made of the public Linux systems of Academic Computing, which include the AFS file servers and all of the central systems.These backups are designed to protect against

ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Desktop, ArcMap

: ArcGIS Desktop runs only on Windows machines.  For Mac and Linux users, there are other options for geographic information systems analysis and processing.  Please contact us at research.computing

Using Alpine Email Client with MFA

Alpine is an alternative messaging app that is text based. There are versions for Windows 32 & 64 bits and Linux OSes. This document only covers installing on Ubuntu 20.04. This will work in WSL


access Dartmouth's site license.  Dartmouth has a site license for Matlab. This includes an unlimited number of licenses for Matlab and several toolboxes for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux which can be

Getting Started with Granite/tiCrypt at Dartmouth

Granite utilizes proprietary VPN software known as tiCrypt to provide a common computer platform (Windows or Linux) upon which researchers across Dartmouth Health and Dartmouth College can

Matlab Overview - Licenses and Toolboxes

-associated Mathworks account: Matlab on Dartmouth's high-performance Linux machines:

Create a container image for HPC

image locally If not on a Mac with a M1 chip docker build -t fibonacci:latest . If on a Mac with a M1 chip, build the image for x86_64 architecture docker buildx build --platform linux