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How to Obtain MATLAB

Dartmouth has a site license for Matlab. This includes an unlimited number of licenses for Matlab and several toolboxes for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux which can be found on the matlab download page .  If you have questions about Matlab licensing or installation, send email to Research Computing.

Creating a Mathworks account, and associating it with Dartmouth's license (NetID required)  Navigate to Click on Log In in the upper right corner and click "Create Account" at the bottom of the login page. Use your Dartmouth email address when you create the account.  Log in to your Mathworks account, click on your name in the top right hand corner of the web page and select My Account. This will display a list of the Matlab licenses with which you are associated.To associate your account, with Dartmouth's Site License, click on the "Associate to an additional license" link and enter one of these activation keys: see for the Activation keys (NetID required to acccess)

MATLAB Online 

Matlab Online - log in with a Dartmouth-associated Matlab account (see above) at  and use Matlab in a browser at 

How to Update Your Stand-Alone Matlab License

Instructions for updating your license.

Vendor Home Page

For complete information about MATLAB, go to the MathWorks Web site.




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