Creating a web site in your DartFS account

Web server (aka caligari) delivers content stored in DartFS.

Note: If you have web site (or any other content) in your AFS home directory, we need you to migrate it to Dartfs, because we are retiring the 'Northstar' AFS cell.

Web directories for personal accounts and lab shares are not created by default, to avoid problems with content accidentally being placed in there and made accessible to the world. Ask Research Computing to enable web access for your account. Aliases can be created for NetIDs, subject to approval and if there are no conflicts with existing aliases.

  1. All DartFS accounts and lab shares can be configured, on request, with a public_html folder with appropriate permissions to allow the web server on rcweb to read it. Content placed in public_html is open to the world unless restricted by .htaccess files at the directory level.

  2. For personal accounts, your URL will be or

  3. For lab shares, the URL will be

  4. We can also create, on request, a DartmouthWebShare folder in personal or lab space. All content in DartmouthWebShare directories is subject to Dartmouth NetID Single Signon (CAS + DUO), with access via Access can be further restricted by directives in .htacccess files.
  • Advantages 
    • All accounts created in DartFS can be enabled for web access
    • Content can be managed directly from any computer which can see DartFS (SMB mount from on-campus or VPN, NFS mount on Research Computing linux servers)

rcweb currently serves static HTML (.html) pages, server side includes (.shtml), PHP scripts (.php). PHP scripts needing to modify files will need to grant write access to the web server in the appropriate places; consult with Research Computing for assistance. Any file type may be placed in the DartmouthWebShare folder.

For additional information, see the general advice on Web sites for Dartmouth departments and Personal WordPress sites at Dartmouth, and Personal web sites hosted at cPanel:


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