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Sunapsis - International Student/Employee System Access to Sunapsis requires a VPN connection. Check the VPN Overview for instructions to connect on Windows, Mac, and Linux. For problems logging into Sunapsis

Recover files/folders from a DartFS snapshot

From a Mac or Linux The easiest way to recover these files is to: Log into Andes/Polaris/Discovery from a Terminal application Change directories to the hidden .snapshot folder – note

Display Bookmarks and Favorites in your Internet Browser

​Mozilla Firefox Compatability: Windows OS, Apple IOS, and Linux Note: For each version of Windows the Mozilla Firefox browser layout remains the same as long as it remains up-to date. Keep

Duo - Configure Security Key (YubiKey, Feitian, etc.)

on many operating systems including Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, and Unix. See Add a Duo Device What is a security key? There are three common factors used for authentication: Something you

GreenPrint - Install

How to install GreenPrint on Mac, Windows, and Linux ... . Contents MacOS Windows iOS Android Linux Get Help   Note: You do not necessarily need to be on-campus to install GreenPrint on your computer, but if you are off-campus

Discovery Cluster Upgrade 2024

Recent OS Migration Announcement  We are excited to announce the migration of our operating system from CentOS 7 to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 (RHEL8). This transition marks a significant step

Installing XQuartz and Enabling GLX (OpenGL).

XQuartz is the Mac software package to display X11 graphical applications from remote servers, primarily Unix/Linux.  Many graphical applications use a display library called OpenGL, which is

Create a keytab file for automated access to DartFS

to only what it really needs.  Request a service account at Use the ktutil tool in Linux to create a keytab file (we

ImageJ for Macintosh

simultaneously, limited only by available memory.ImageJ runs on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. ImageJ and its Java source code are freely available from the National Institute of Mental Health and in the public domain. No license is required.

Slurm Coordinator Role for Managing Users in an Account

concepts Knowledge of Unix/Linux command-line interface To setup a coordinator account, you must be running as a slurm admin. (This step is done by Research Computing) sacctmgr add coordinator

Verifying SecureW2 JoinNow Installation

Verifying SecureW2 JoinNow Installation MacOS Windows iOS (iPhone/iPad) Android Linux MacOS If you are on-campus or otherwise connected to eduroam presently, follow the

Integrating AFS Authentication with Local Login

no associated passwords. Some systems require a specially modified AFS-aware login program to perform authentication checks via the AFS/Kerberos servers, but Linux uses a flexible authentication

Stata use off-campus

Using Stata (Dartmouth licensed) software when off-campus Applies To: Mac (all), Windows (all), Linux There are 3 scenarios: Off-campus, on a network, can use VPN reliably Use

Discovery Cluster details

Discovery is a Linux cluster that in aggregate contains 128 nodes, 6296 CPU cores, 54.7TB of memory, and more than 2.8 PB of disk space. Node Hardware Breakdown Cell Vendor

Using AFS Home Directories

DetailsIf usernames and UIDs are in sync with AFS, and integrated logins have been enabled via PAM, you may choose to use your AFS home directory as your home directory on the local Linux system.To