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GlobalProtect VPN Overview

client? How to Get Started Installers: See the links below for installing the VPN software: Windows Macintosh Mobile Linux How to Select a VPN Portal: Once you have the

DartFS Description

Overview DartFS is reliable, high-speed network file system. It provides both the 50GB home directories used when logging into Research Computing's Linux systems and larger "lab volumes" when a

Configuring the Evolution mail client for MFA with Exchange Web Services (EWS)

These instructions assume that you have already installed Evolution Mail and the corresponding "evolution-ews" package for your Linux distribution. ... Step by Step These instructions assume that you have already installed Evolution Mail and the corresponding "evolution-ews" package for your Linux distribution.  The screenshots are from Red Hat

Changing Your AFS Password

DetailsYou can change your password from any system that has the Kerberos tools or AFS client installed. The easiest way for Linux users is to login to Polaris, Andes or Discovery and use the command

Hardware Resources for Researchers

Details Researchers at Dartmouth have access to High Performance Computing (HPC) resources including the Discovery cluster and Linux computer servers with licensed mathematics and statistical

Research Computing Accounts

Details A Research Computing account allows you to login to our Linux compute servers using your Dartmouth NetID.  Your home directory on the Linux systems is your own 50GB volume in DartFS

Running Jupyter notebooks on local machines

Quick start Install conda: Installing on Windows Installing on macOS Installing on Linux Install jupyter: conda install jupyter In a terminal window (macOS and

Software for Research Knowledge Base

 and Linux.  It is also installed on our high-performance computers, Andes, Polaris and Discovery.  For local installs, see  R

GlobalProtect VPN Portals

video conferencing. General VPN use is you are running a Linux-based operating system. For Linux users where only

Graduating Students - Research Computing Resources

Graduating Students  Back to Checklist What happens When you leave Dartmouth you will no longer be able to login to the multi-user Linux systems such as: Polaris Andes


 Desktop Software Dartmouth has a site license for Mathematica for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux platforms. These licenses are for curricular or research use. Anyone at Dartmouth can install mathematica

Using klog to Obtain AFS Credentials

DetailsEven if a Linux system is not set up with usernames or UIDs matching the AFS user database, you can still use all the features of AFS.Run the klog command after logging in locally, giving it

DartFS: Storage and Computing Information

consists of over 5,000 cores and serves as a vital resource for the Dartmouth research community. Operating on the CentOS 7 Linux distribution, this high-performance computing infrastructure features

Programming Supported by Research Computing

: Converting serial codes to parallel using MPI, OpenMP, Hybrid programming. Code Debugging: use Totalview to debug codes. Code development: Serial and parallel codes. Code porting: Mainly to Linux

How to Find Your Computer Name

name on a Mac or Windows computer.  macOS Windows 10 Windows 8 Windows 7 Linux macOS Click the Apple Menu button, located in the upper left. Select System Preferences