Configuring SMTP Settings for your Device or Application

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Many individuals have applications, devices, and instrumentation which need to be able to send emails for conducting Dartmouth business.  Examples of these situations are lab instrumentation or multifunction printers/scanners.  The following set of instructions provide an overview of how to configure your system correctly. 

Option 1 (Recommended):Secure Authenticated SMTP Configurations

  1. Submit a request for a service account which you will use for your configuration 
    1. Account Request Form
      • Name for service account: Usually the same as the service.
      • Any additional “send as” addresses are needed for this service. The default send as address will be [service] Example:
      • Description of how the service account will be used for.  Example: "This account will be used to send scanned PDF documents from printers."
  2. Once you receive your account information, find your application's SMTP settings, and update accordingly.
    1. Office 365 SMTP Settings:
      • Server:
      • Port: 587
      • Protocol: STARTTLS (SSL/TLS) is required
      • Username/email address and password Enter the NetID and Password of your service account
        •  Note: Applications running on Linux hosts may be using the host's Sendmail or Postfix configuration. In this case contact the host's SysAdmin to confirm the Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) configuration


Option 2: IP Authenticated

Non-user based authenticated email relay through the Dartmouth email system is strongly discouraged due to the security risks to the institution.  It is recognized that some devices and services do not allow for user accounts to be added to the functionality.  To obtain an exception to this policy, a security review of the  proposed configuration must be obtained prior to implementation.  The owner of the device or services must demonstrate full compliance with the guidelines documented in the Dartmouth Information Security Committee charter (DISC).  

  1. Submit a request to have your device or service added to an IP allow list for SMTP relay.
    1. General Request Form
      • Your device must have a static IP address and include in your request
      • You must provide an overview of the functionality of the device or service
      • Provide consent of compliance to the DISC guidelines; specific evidence may be requested
    2. Once approved, your devices IP address will be added to the IP allow list for mail routing
    3. SMTP Settings
      • Server:
      • Port: 25


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