Configure Send Mail for Exchange Online for Application or Service


Dartmouth has shut down the primary on campus mailhub system that has been in use for years. Owners of applications and systems that send mail and are configured to use the old system - - need to change the configuration of their application/system to point to Microsoft's Exchange Online server.

  1. Submit request to AIG for account creation with the following information:
    • Name for service account: Usually the same as the service.
    • Any additional “send as” addresses needed for this service. The default send as address will be [service] Example:
    • Description of what the service account will be used for.  Example: "This account will be used to send scanned PDF documents from printers."
  2. Find your application's SMTP settings. Applications running on Linux hosts may be using the host's Sendmail or Postfix configuration. In this case contact the host's SysAdmin to confirm the Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) configuration.
  3. Office 365 SMTP Settings:
    • Server:
    • Port: 587
    • Protocol: STARTTLS (SSL/TLS) is required


If the issue cannot be resolved, submit a support request at



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